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::eating out:: Louie’s Pizza, Rehoboth Beach, DE


While we always go to Gus & Gus for boardwalk night in Rehoboth, it usually only gets two visits the entire week. The next restaurant on the list gets visits almost daily. Louie’s gets a visit from someone on boardwalk night, is the go to for pizza night at the house, provides a 2nd dinner on those nights when the kids all go to bed early and we want to eat again, and we’ll trek 6 blocks on the hot boardwalk to carry hot pizza back to eat on the sand when we need a beach snack (once barefoot, that was not good).

In a sea of Grotta Pizzas, Louie’s is another favorite owned and operated by the original family. Despite my love of all things Starbucks, Apple, and Whole Foods, I do have a huge soft spot for small family run businesses. The same rules apply at Louie’s as they do Gus’s. You either eat in with a waitress or you order from the walk up counter. You can’t mix and match! These are small establishments, please don’t be shocked when they ask you to not haul your double-wide stroller in. If this is the situation for you…get counter service and find a bench along the boardwalk. It’s not because they don’t want to help you. It’s because you annoy the other patrons trying to squeeze by you.

There isn’t anything extraordinary about the Louie’s pizza. I think that’s why I like it so much. Not too much or too little of any ingredient. They are fast. They are friendly. The pizza is very light on the greasiness. Not cheap, but not overpriced. It is like getting a pizza from your local pizzeria instead of in the heart of a tourist location. The steak sandwiches are the same way. They only thing I might say is that they seem a little empty. But, when I am used to overfull sandwiches that you need a fork to finish, having a sandwich stay in tact is a delight, especially on the beach.

And the flavor of their chicken cheesesteaks…might be perfect.

Louies Pizza on UrbanspoonMy, how I am getting excited for our beach trip this year… Still more to come.

Louie’s is located on the main strip, Rehoboth Avenue on the North side of the block closest to the ocean. You can eat in, take out, or just grab a slice and a soda at the counter. There isn’t delivery, but I will keep hoping…

Previously in Summer Eats: Gus & Gus, Rehoboth Beach, Delaware

::eating out:: Gus & Gus, Rehoboth Beach, DE


Well it is just the first day of June, but since Memorial Day was this past Monday, I’m going to go ahead and say it. Happy Summer!!! It is time to start enjoying the blazing heat by getting in a car with your loved ones for a few hours, fighting traffic, eventually crossing over the burning sand, and finally dipping your toes in the ocean! I don’t want to hear from the people that enjoy this weather year round. For the Northeast part of the country the beach/shore/Jersey is how many people spend their Summers. Along with any other town along the water, sand or not. Over the next few weeks, I’m hoping to share some of our favorite eateries that are always part of our Summer travels.

Every year, we spend a week in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware with as many members of my immediate family as are willing to come. Of the now 24 of us, we usually average 12-14 people in the house. A few nights we spend cooking, one night we’ll eat out, one night we’ll bring home pizza from the boardwalk and couple nights we’ll eat on the boardwalk. This year is going to be our 5th year there and when we get boardwalk dinners, we have stuck to our favorites. Thrashers Fries need not be compared to any other. If you are at the beach in need of french fries, just go to Thrashers.

On “Boardwalk Dinner Night” number one, I instantly go to Gus & Gus found right on the boardwalk at Wilmington Ave (One block South of Rehoboth Ave).

If what you want is made on a grill, you’ll be able to get it at Gus & Gus. We did eat in one year, but with at least 14 people looking for food, the trend has become, grab your food from where you want it and meet back at this bench to share a meal. The service window at Gus’s is fantastic. You see your meal prepared exactly as you requested it. They are fast and always courteous.

Gus is a doll. I mean, look at him. How could you not trust a place where this is the man wrapping your steak sandwich? This year will be Gus’s 55th on the Rehoboth Boardwalk. I imagine the decor of the place has not changed since 1956 and I love that. It is the kind of place that you go because they aren’t trying to be fancy, so you know that they are trying to be good. Maybe it was the lack of neon that attracted me.

To the food.

Like I said, this is the place to go if you want something made on a grill. I stick to burgers because it is rare that I eat burgers, so I want them to have that perfect greasy salty flavor when I do. Gus’s never disappoints me. Nothing fancy, just a basic patty grilled up with the perfect amount of salt and pepper. I get mine with grilled peppers and onions. The best part? Maybe the buttered & grilled bun. Mmmmm Junk food at its best. The sausages, hotdogs and steak sandwiches don’t disappoint either. And I have had their fries, and they are great… but we aren’t in charge of the fries for Boardwalk dinner night  🙂

Gus & Gus Place on Urbanspoon

::inspiration:: love


I’m back from my break!  It has been a great week, and one where I actually managed to (for the most part) unplug.  It was an incredibly refreshing feeling.  We got to visit great people, spend some time outside in what has turned into a beautiful Spring, take a mini-roadtrip and explore new places, and of course eat some AWESOME food. 

I will have plenty of posts coming up to talk about the trip and some of the food (and some new recipes I will of course have to try immediately), but in the meantime, I had wanted to wrap up the week+ of birthday inspired meals that were posted.  There was no particular theme involved except for that they were tried and true PTB pleasers, or a new exploration of an old favorite.  It resulted in a week in the kitchen inspired by one main thing…. LOVE.

They (who are “they?”) say a way to a man’s heart is his stomach….I think this applies to women too though right?  I mean, most of our dating time was spent going out to restaurants or ordering food in.  My stomach was clearly involved too.  I won’t deny that I barely cooked until we were married.  Those shiny pots and pans from my registry were irresistible.  Having the variety of shapes and sizes and styles made following recipes easier for me, and using our wedding gifts made it more fun.  But really, it all came down to the praise after every meal.  Hopefully, he won’t admit to our kids someday that he has always hated my cooking but didn’t have the heart to tell me.  I was sure this was going to happen until I finally made something that he asked me to never make again.  Despite this, I still wonder.  Really could it all be that good?  He is a great husband  🙂

Ahhh.  Enough of that for now.  So yes, I cook for love.  It just isn’t as fun to cook for one.  It is what inspired me to start, and sitting down for a meal together, just the two of us, or with friends, something home-cooked just makes the experience that much better.  What gets you in the kitchen?