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::garden:: Week Two


I have not officially killed anything yet! In fact, I might venture to say things are going quite well so far. I have a gardening buddy now. Don’t tell anyone since Sammy (the cat) and I are meant to be mortal enemies. The cat who was once scared of being outside at all now loves to go out of the deck so much that he has started sneaking out the front door and running down the street!

We have had a few rainfalls this past week and the garden is loving it. I would say the basil has doubled in size? It then quickly recovered when I trimmed it down nice and small to make a creamy pesto sauce for lunch the other day. The okra plant has definitely doubled, but no signs of fruit yet. My cherry grape tomato is doing great. Spreading out like wildfire and a few blossoms.

My pride and joy! My lemon tree!! Can I tell you how FREAKING EXCITED I am that there are blossoms on my lemon tree?! Blossoms=Fruit right? Five have bloomed already. I cannot wait to see what happens! This is an ‘improved Meyer’ I really have no idea what that means, but I can’t wait to use a homegrown, sort of organic lemon 🙂

In the other corner is my giant tomato plant. This thing seems unstoppable. It keeps getting taller and has too many blossoms to count. Quite a few baby tomatoes are in progress at this point. The biggest one is probably about 2″ in diameter now? When should I make some Fried Green Tomatoes?

While I haven’t killed anything yet, one herb planter doesn’t seem to be doing that spectacularly. The rain helped the parsley grow a bit, but that and the cilantro just seem…I don’t know.. meh? Any suggestions? Should i be trimming off the pieces that start to wilt? Where do I trim it from? The tarragon is just hanging out in the middle there hoping I pay some attention to it eventually.

This past week I made a creamy pesto sauce using a huge chunk of my basil. We had homemade guacamole with the fresh cilantro, and a couple of dishes used parsley. Even though I only used a bit of parsley and cilantro, it saved me from buying an entire bunch of each, which usually goes to waste. I’m going with a $6 savings this week! YAY!

2011 Deck Garden Week Two
Total Spent: $200  Weekly Savings: $6