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::indulgence:: Whipped Cream


I am honestly ashamed of how long it has been since I have last posted. I admit, I haven’t cooked much in the past couple months. Life got the best of me and completely took over. At least I had time for a bit of baking over the holidays.

We’re now settling into our new home and the adventures of ownership have begun. Today we were supposed to have a new refrigerator delivered. As I am sure you can assume from the supposed to…it did not happen. Luckily, my new dishwasher arrived in perfect condition last week, so maybe now the time spent hand washing dishes can go back into blogging?

The saddest part for me of the new fridge not arriving? In an attempt to make leftovers tonight, I discovered the old fridge has progressed from inconveniently sucky to ruining food. The leftovers I had intended to heat were apparently in the line of fire for an ice melt, and they were full of yucky water.

What better way of making a bad day go away than a slice of homemade pumpkin pie with fresh whipped cream on top.

I have to thank photographer Joy Moody for my newest obsession. Not just whipped cream, but whipped cream with confectioner’s sugar. And using the leftovers in my coffee. I don’t have a specific recipe for you. Whipped cream for 2-4 is about 1/3 cup heavy cream, a big spoonful of sugar, and a pour of vanilla extract. I use my Bamix to make it in a flash with no mess. And then I happily lick the blender clean while PTB thinks I am still slaving away making real whipped cream.

I would tell you my new year’s resolution is to get back onto posting everyday, but seriously… I am having a baby in two months. I am not going to let myself down. But I am going to try and get back into the swing of things.

::sweet treat:: Flourless Choco Mint Cake

I am having a hard time believing it is already the month of June.  May was a whirlwind for me.  It absolutely flew by.  Given some recent changes around here, I thought I would feel like I had all the time in the world. Instead, I feel like I spent most of the month catching up with my sanity.  I thought I had lost it before May, but I had just given it a head start.  With crazy activities throughout the month, yesterday was the first day I truly felt like I was caught up and ready to work on more new projects.

So June begins!  Yesterday I spent the day with a friend recovering from some oral surgery.  We tested a soon to come recipe for Mango Avocoado Margaritas, she got to try the “Not Just Take Out” from Saxbys in Manayunk, we visited a great little specialty food shop and picked up some new goodies, we ordered from one of my favorite Indian restaurants, and we watched a chick flick.  What more could you want from a day?  We almost did some baking….but next time.  It was a great way to start the month, and now, I can finally catch up with other projects.  And so, the first recipe from Mother’s Day brunch!  I know, I know….

This year, as you may have read, my Mother’s Day Brunch was all about making ahead of time.  I used the opportunity to test some new ideas.  Some turned out perfectly, some still need some testing.  Luckily, my audience wasn’t too hard to please and it all seemed to go smoothly.  Flourless chocolate cake thanks to Martha Stewart was a perfect make ahead treat.  I had never made a flourless cake before, and I was shocked by hour easy it was.  It was incredibly rich, so next time I may try it as tiny individual cakes.  If I make it mint again next time, the little individual cakes would look so perfect garnished with a sprig of fresh mint!  If you have never had flourless chocolate cake before, it is like mushy-cakey fudge with a papery crust.  It is kind of perfect.

What I Used
Step One
9″ Springform Pan
275F oven
1 stick of butter (divided)
1 1/4 cup chocolate chips
1/4 cup mint chips

Step Two
6 large eggs, separated
Step Three
1/2 cup granulated sugar
Step Four
powdered sugar

Start with two large mixing bowls, and a small bowl.  In one, chocolate chips and 6 Tbsp of butter.  In the other, 6 large egg white.  Set aside the 6 yolks in the small bowl for use later.  Microwave the chips and butter in 30 second increments on medium heat, stirring each time, until fully melted.  Or melt over a pot of water, but the microwave saved a TON of time…

One the buttery chocolate cools, whisk in the yolks.  Whisk the egg white to soft peaks and then gradually add the sugar.

Whisk the sugar and and egg whites until stiff and glossy.  Pretty, huh?

Whisk 1/4 of the whites into the chocolate and then gently fold that mixture into the remaining whites.

You still have those other 2 Tbsp of butter right?  Use some/most of that to butter your pan.  Pour the batter into the prepared pan and smooth the top.

Bake until the cake begines to pull away from the sides of the pan and the center is JUST set.  This should be about 45 minutes.  Cool completely on a wire rack.  Dust with powder sugar before serving.

Serves: 8 generously