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::buy this:: Numi Rooibos


There are rules for while you are pregnant. Not too many apply to me. I don’t smoke or do any drugs (giving up Motrin for the occasional headache was lame, I don’t do Tylenol), I don’t eat lunch meat or raw fish. But I am a caffeine junky, and I enjoy a drink every now and then. Funnily enough, these are the “rules” that most people tend to not worry about. They give you a number for caffeine; 150mg. Alcohol still has the jury out. There is no clear amount that causes problems. And I can’t count the number of times that I was told “one drink won’t hurt, my ::insert random family member or friend:: drank ::insert random interval of time:: during their pregnancy and their baby was fine”. Same goes for caffeine.

Seriously though, it is 9 months of my life. A bit more if you add in the fact that I was giving up caffeine slowly in anticipation of “Bean”. I have survived those 9 months. I would say my total caffeine consumption through has probably totaled 150mg from the random sips of Cherry Coke and the mass consumption of chocolate. Ok…maybe the chocolate put me over…

While it isn’t necessarily the caffeine that gets me going in the morning, a cozy cup of something helps. Just when I was getting my taste for coffee back, my Breville Keurig broke. Horrible timing! Between moving and a mistake with the first replacement, it took a couple months before I had my coffee back. (Please note! I am not complaining, they replaced my nearly 3 year old machine! It was worth the wait.) In that time, I switched over to Rooibos tea. I had been enjoying the Tazo Vanilla Rooibos over the Summer as a cold treat and found a single tea bag of the Numi Ruby Chai in a cabinet. I am so glad I had it hiding in there!

Most herbal teas are a no-go while pregnant. Not enough research as to what damage they can do, etc. Rooibos is actually a legume, not a leaf (fun fact for the day…and who doesn’t like saying legume?). The Numi Ruby Chai has a perfect depth. More of a coffee flavor than tea, not quite as spicy as a black tea chai, but still wonderfully flavorful. Completely, and naturally*, caffeine free. The other bonus is it is a Fair Trade product.

~*Have you looked into how they decaffeinate some teas and coffee? Yeah, it’s gross. More on that later because I also have eliminated chemically decaffeinated coffees.

I am sure once the temperature drops again I’ll be enjoying this tea more regularly again. It is a great option for a late night cup of warmth. For now, I am not going to complain about the awesome warmth we have been having outside. Buy Numi Rooibos on Amazon and help support Not Just Take Out 🙂