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::local flavor:: Tony Luke’s


This past weekend, I joined some of the My Latest Distraction boys and spent my days and nights surrounded by geekiness at the Philadelphia ComicCon thrown by Wizard.  I actually had a really great time, because despite the event’s name, there weren’t many for comic-related activities.  We’ll be posting a ton of stuff about the weekend on My Latest Distraction, so please check it out!

One thing that these conventions do is connect the people and the “celebrities”.  That term needs to be used very very loosely.  On Friday, we arrived earlier in the day, and got to a bunch of people before the masses arrived.  We did a short “interview” with none other than Philadelphia’s own Tony Lucidonio aka Tony Luke.  Really, the interview consisted of one question.  “Why are you here?”

He didn’t really know either.  Apparently he is in a movie called The Nail which has gotten some attention.  I had never heard of it.  I gave him a card for Not Just Take Out so that he could feel like his time was well spent 😉 And I had my picture taken with him!

Now that I am writing this post though, I have to be honest.  I have NEVER had a Tony Luke’s cheesesteak.  I’m sorry.  The only time I would really have the opportunity is at Citizen Bank Park and the line is so long!  So, I guess they must be good.  I’m told that they are very similar to the cheesesteaks from Jim’s on South Street.  Those are my favorites!  So, Tony, if you are reading this, I am very sorry.  Maybe I will have one some day. I hope so!  And when I do, you can be sure I will talk about it all over the site. If it does taste like Jim’s I am all for it!

I do have some issues with you, Tony Luke.  You were nice and all, but how much do you need to push a product?  Did the economy hit the “going out for a cheesesteak market” so badly that you needed to endorse something?  You were in a movie, that had to have some sort of pay day.  We walked by your booth later in the day Friday, and then again Saturday, and again Sunday.  You weren’t there after the first visit.  On Friday afternoon, I did see what you were there pushing though.  This disappoints me beyond belief.  And, ps, thank you for not mentioning it at all when we spoke to you.

Tony Luke, I know I am not your target market.  Considering I have never eaten one of your cheesesteaks, I am certainly not the person who would be buying a microwaveable version of it.  And, ok, so I have a food blog that is mostly about cooking, so again, I am probably not going to be microwaving a cheesesteak.  But just the concept of this is so disgusting to me (please note: I don’t put meat in the microwave anyway).  Why, Tony Luke, WHY?

I wanted to be informed before bashing you.  You didn’t deserve a bashing.  You were one of the nicest people at the ComicCon.  So I went to your site, and I watched the video.  It does make it seem a little less disgusting to me.  I still won’t eat it.  But I am happy to see that the recommended way of making this delicacy involved a stove and oven.  Overall impression though?  A microwavable meal shouldn’t require an nine minute video.

If you are Tony Luke, and you are reading this:  I am sorry, I just had to voice my honest opinion.  Thanks for being such a nice guy on Friday, and hopefully we’ll see you one day at your shop!

If you aren’t Tony Luke and you are reading this, I have two questions for you:

#1.  Have you eaten a microwaved cheesesteak?

#2.  Where is your favorite steak sandwich from?

::adventures:: Out of the Office


There won’t be any posts about food today.  I am taking the weekend off from Not Just Take Out.  Who knows what or where I will eat this weekend!  The craziness has begun.  If you know me, than you know that I am also a contributor on My Latest Distraction.  It is an entertainment blog of sorts.  A place for a few people to talk about what they like, what they don’t like, and what just bugs them.  We talk about anything from video games to movies to restaurants, and even comic books.

This weekend is the Philadelphia ComicCon.  We are attending as members of the press!  Normally I would not be crazy about the idea of once again attending an event that was called Wizard World previously.  It was quite lame and definitely not my scene.  I will admit, though, that there is something more intriguing now that it falls under the ComicCon name.  And seriously.  We got in as press.  My standards for where I go drop when the price is FREE.

So, that is the totally nerdy adventure I am off to this weekend.  To help you feel the nerd spirit, and still feel like this was a little bit of a food post, check these out:

We’ll be tweeting from the event, so follow @MLDtweets.  And I am sure the boys will have plenty to blog about after, so check out the website as well.  Me?  I’ll be their official photographer.  And I might interview Adrienne Curry (“Why are you here?”) or Stephen Baldwin (“How’s it feel to be on Gossip Girl?” (he wasn’t) and “Do you think your career would improve if you talked like this?”)