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We don’t have to talk about how behind I am on blogging right? Things will be different. I have *reliable* childcare for the first time in months. Childcare that will be here beyond my work hours, which means I can concentrate on other “work”, rather than worrying he is going to wake up if I get started on anything. Anyway, enough with the excuses.

I’ve been meaning to post these two cakes for a while. The first is from May. MAY. 2011! Little B was baptized and seeing as hour I had just started back to work and had a 2 month old baby, I was in no condition to bake a cake. Good excuse to call my favorite bake shop in the area right? Remember those delightful cupcakes we had?┬áStefanie Kitchner, the owner of Ciao Bella Cakes, might be turning into his official baker ­čÖé She is amazing. I’m not at all creative when it comes to cake ideas, so I let her take the reigns.

Perfect for a baptism. Chocolate chip cake with truffle filling between layers? I had quite a few guests who “don’t like cake”. They ate more than one serving. AND her fondant is edible. She rolls it perfectly thin. Ahhhhhh I love this cake so much. So then comes November. I had a milestone birthday this year, so PTB put together a little thing for me. He knew exactly who to go to for the cake. He is the opposite of me. I had no ideas, and he had too many ideas in his head. Stefanie came to the rescue.

Some of you may be asking, “what the….?”. It’s been a crazy year for me. What I didn’t mention in my excuses for not posting is that I accidentally started a little Etsy shop. Which turned into Ben’s adorable face showing up on the front page of their site twice in about a month’s time. Which turned into quite a business. So around this time my life was pretty consumed with making dinosaur hats as the weather started to get cold.

Greatest cake on earth. And it was the same yummy chocolate chip/truffle combo. LOVE IT.

Here is our official Instagram “family photo”.

Thanks to Stefanie and Ciao Bella Cakes once again for these amazing memories. And congratulations on your recent win for Best Dessert 2012 for Philadelphia Magazine’s Philly Cooks!!!!!!! I am so excited for you! Thank you Kamila Harris Photography for the baptism cake photo and Joy Moody Photography for the birthday photos!