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After involvement in many different blogs over the past few years, it became clear that food was a focus for me. Rather than limit myself to the ramblings I can fit into a post here or there, I decided to concentrate my food love in one location. Perhaps this is something that you can learn from. Perhaps, you can help me learn from you. Maybe this blog will inspire you.

In January 2010, I purchased two new cookbooks that I fell in love with. I have always had a problem with trying a cookbook once and then putting it on a shelf. This time, I made a list of all the recipes in the books I wanted to try. I started documenting these attempts, and it became clear I needed a way to organize them. So the blogging began! I’m not scared to modify things if need be, so I will give you my version of what I make. This is my way to keep track of these changes, rather than scribbling all over a cookbook. What if I want to make an even newer version later? I would run out of scribble space…

I grew up a very picky eater. With 7 siblings, it wasn’t the best way to survive. Clearly my mom could not accommodate the tastes of ten different people. Luckily, I was the baby of the family ::spoiler alert:: so many meals were dished out separately for me before icky ingredients were added (mushrooms, sauce on pasta, onions…) I won’t deny that I am still a picky eater. I have tried new things over the years, and I am still trying more. But I can tell you now…You will not find any seafood recipes or any mushrooms on this site. I’ve tried it and sorry, it just isn’t happening. But luckily my days of only eating buttered noodles and potatoes exclusively are over.

My family never saw me as a future cook. My former landlord was amazed by the number of times in a week I could order pizza. I am not a professional cook. I don’t know a lot about food. But I like to eat. And I am willing to learn. Since my cooking adventures truly began 5 years ago when we got married, many of my recipes are currently focusing on learning to cook for two people. If it isn’t a recipe for two, I am trying to figure out how to make something for friends that won’t keep me in the kitchen until dinner, something that we will want to eat as leftovers, or something that I can freeze easily. Slowly, we will learn to stop wasting food!

Oh! And this is me:

Someday I will have a cutesy photo of me in the kitchen. But for now – this one had a red couch. So it matched Not Just Take Out. I am certainly not this serious all the time though πŸ™‚ And that’s PTB in the background – so I liked that it had that! Photo by Sara France.

Time to make dinner! Enjoy!

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  1. Harry says:

    Hey! thanks for coming to our tasting yesterday! look forward to seeing the write ups!

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