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::my favorite:: Margarita

Happy Cinco de Mayo!  I decided to celebrate all week.  I started with #MargaritaMonday.  I don’t want to say this is *the best* margarita in Philadelphia (I haven’t had them all), but it is my favorite.  Really, when it comes to food, can’t we all agree, it is personal?  Being my favorite margarita is all that matters to me.  And that is what this site is about.  Me and the stuff I like to stuff my face with.

Derek’s in Manayunk has been a go-to for me for quite some time.  We became somewhat regulars once we moved into Philadelphia since it was so convenient.  Easy weeknight dinners, Sunday brunches, and even Christmas dinners.  The menu was consistent, the bread delicious, and the one occasion with bad service, forgivable.  I love being able to sit outside on a less frequented end of Main Street and enjoy some perfect Summer weather.  When I discovered the back patio, it made the Derek’s experience that much better.  Although, we had the bad waiter again on our first visit to the back patio, it was not nearly as bad and more funny than anything.

Once Derek’s became our default restaurant, I started looking through more of the menu, and I discovered the daily specials on the back.  What more could I ask for, $5 margaritas, mojitos, and quesadillas on Mondays.  I had to go.

That margarita.  What can I say?  It is the perfect color, the perfect balance of limey goodness and tequila-y awesomeness, and the perfect amount of salt.  And seriously people, if you are ordering a blended margarita….you are not ordering a margarita.  BTW, last time I checked, Derek’s won’t blend it.

So the moral of the story is check out Derek’s on Main Street in Manayunk.  It hasn’t been called Derek’s for 19 years, but chef & owner Derek Davis has run this location for that long.  They revamped their menu in the past year and the changes do not disappoint.  In fact, I would almost say, they needed to, something was going on and they may have been losing steam. My interest was revived.  But the margarita did not change.  And that makes me oh so happy.  And it doesn’t hurt a restaurant in my book when the owner stays involved, sometimes even taking your drink order 🙂

Derek's on UrbanspoonOne other awesome thing about Derek’s: they are on Restaurant.com.  There are restrictions, but saving money never hurt anyone.  And then you can make your reservation on Open Table, my other favorite restaurant related site  🙂

**I was not paid or compensated in anyway for this post.  I simply love this margarita. mmmmm…now I want one.

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