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::eating out:: Radio Maria, Champaign, Ill

If I ever have to go to Champaign, Illinois again, I know where I will have Sunday brunch.  I won’t deny, we didn’t have the best service when we visited Radio Maria.  In fact, some might say it was downright bad.  But it was Easter Sunday (overdue post?), and maybe the staff was slim pickings.  It was really only our waiter that was bad.  Anyone who walked by that was asked for something (utensils, creamer, etc), was more than happy to oblige.

Wouldn’t you forgive a forgetful waiter when a meal like this sits in front of you?

I ordered the Smoked Pork Torta.  Let me just tell you…if the waiter has agreed to my non-corn wanting, it would have been perfect.  But I still ate it all.  The orange chipotle bbq sauce was INCREDIBLE.

PTB’s meal wasn’t so pretty, but the Masa Boat Surprise did not disappoint.  It was also delicious.  And the potatoes were yummy too!

This restaurant had an odd mix of Tex-Mex and Cajun style.  I will happily admit, they seem to get the Tex-Mex a little better than the Cajun.  We ordered Beignets for the four of us.  The girls both wanting to try both the cinnamon-sugar and the powdered, so we decided on an order of each and to share.  The powdered were perfect.  The cinnamon-sugar… Let’s just say they forgot the sugar.  Have you ever had a spoonful of cinnamon?  Well, don’t go try it just because I said so.  You’ll never come back.

One of our friends ordered a cajun dish.  I want to say maybe the shrimp and grits?  Maybe not.  It was all a blur.  We received three of the dishes, and then the waiter soon asked the meal-less one if he wanted anything…  “Yeah, the meal I ordered…”  We all assumed for a few minutes that his was still coming, until that moment.  That was fun? But I promise, this just seemed like that particular waiter was the problem.  Remember, I had to ask someone for cream for my coffee?  Everyone else was SUPER NICE.  Oh…and the creole dish, I believe it got a disappointing review.  But it was rushed. Maybe if it had been prepared with our meals it would have turned out better?

Radio Maria on Urbanspoon Ok, so the moral of the story is, if you ever end up in this strange little college town, there are so many places you should go.  If you are there on a brunch day, you could give this place a go.  I have a few other things about our trip to Champaign that I will be posting eventually.  I just couldn’t resist sharing these gorgeous meals  🙂  And if you ever have friends in the Champaign area, visit them!  The town is incredible and perfect for a weekend visit.

Champaign isn’t big enough to have any Open Table or Urban Spoon listings. My defaults as a city-liver.  But I did find them on Yelp.  Let me know if you ever end up in this tiny town.  And if you area already there and find this tiny blog… What is your favorite place?

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