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::eating out:: Supper, Philadelphia

So, my camera died after one picture in the restaurant.  Rather than tease you with one good shot, I’ll keep it to just the iPhone pictures.  You’ll still get the idea.  I first discovered Supper in September 2009.  I was so moved by the food I felt the need to write about it on the pop culture blog My Latest Distraction.  Seriously – the food was so good, I was distracted.  Once you are done here, feel free to check out that first post (also featuring awesome iPhone pics).

Since that first taste, I have been back a few times.  Once taking along friends that have moved out of town (maybe I was trying to convince them to come back).  Once for my birthday just for dessert.  Ok, we ended up getting the housemade pretzels too….but they are so good.  Try them and you will understand.  It had been since late November that I visited Supper.  Clearly I was due.  If you read my first post, you saw I was sucked into the menu by a rabbit dish, only to learn that wasn’t actually on the menu.  When owner Mitch Prensky tweeted about a rabbit pot pie…I knew it was time to return.

As always, we started with the housemade pretzels with chili cheese fondue.  My favorite!  The cheese had quite a bit of kick compared to normal, but it was awesome.  The fresh breads are to die for.  I love a garlic clove thrown in here or there.  And your butter sprinkled with sea salt makes it just right.

PTB started with the Smoked Sweet Potato Soup and I had the Boston Bibb and Herb Salad.   I was cautious of the buttermilk dressing since I am not normally a fan of creamy dressings, but it was delightful and complemented the salad perfectly.  The soup was delicious and mellow.

Of course for dinner I had to have exactly what I went for.  Rabbit Pot Pie and Carrot Spaetzl.  My only complain would be some sort f mushroom in the pot pie.  I’m not a mushroom fan, but it was easy to push aside.  The spaetzl was a great pairing with the pot pie.  And despite its tiny appearance, I stopped eating because I wanted dessert.  This could have easily filled me up.  PTB had a tougher time picking a meal.  Animals with baby names don’t work for him (bunny, lamb, veal).  I guess I can’t blame him.  And, if you had shown me the Supper menu fifteen years ago, I would have been in tears.  He had the Strozzapreti Pasta.  It wasn’t a clear Supper winner like some of their other dishes, but he handled it like a champ.  He was there for me, and I completely appreciated that.

We had to finish with dessert!  I had the dense chocolate cake (basically a stick of chocolate butter).  It was DIVINE.  PTB had the Banana Bread Pudding.  The only thing I have left to try on the dessert menu is the Maple Panna Cotta.  Mitch & Jennifer – if you read this….it might be time for some more desserts.  🙂  I love them, but I love Supper for the ever changing menu!

This brings me to my reasons for why you should check out Supper!  The menu is constantly changing and evolving.  I love not having any idea what I am going to get.  This is where it becomes an issue for pickier eaters though…  The restaurant hosts a Sunday Supper the first Sunday of each month.  It is a limited seating and sounds delightful but the family style prix fixe menu could mean there would be nothing for some to eat.  Wednesdays and Sundays, Supper offers BYOB with no corkage fee.  Next time we go with another couple, you can guarantee it will be on a Wednesday.  Expect to spend at least $100/couple on your visit.  And expect service that is going to inspire you to tip well….very well.  Their staff is AMAZING and always has us leaving with smiles.

Supper on UrbanspoonSupper is across from Whole Foods near 10th and South in Philadelphia.  They are open for dinner 7 nights a week, lunch Wednesday-Saturday, and Sunday brunch.  Make a reservation on Open Table now and check it out soon!

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