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Not Just Take Out » ::events:: Food Network Book Signing with Jeff Mauro

::events:: Food Network Book Signing with Jeff Mauro

I have the greatest husband. Ever. It’s true.

Things I have never been into:

  1. Reality television
  2. Books about a reality television show
  3. Book signings

Well. Time for all that to change. I got into Food Network Star. Way into it. We had to set up a recording for it. I think I bought into it so quickly because the standout players (Jeff Mauro, Vic Moea, and Suzie Jimenez) were just awesome. I was excited for any of them to win. I had already bought into their show. Maybe I was more into it because PTB was watching and enjoying the show with me. He was all for Jeff winning. As he mentions on My Latest Distraction, he can get behind the idea of “every meal in a sandwich, every sandwich into a meal.” If only I would let him eat like that.

Anyway… We were so invested in the show, that when we found out on Monday that there would be a local book signing Tuesday night, we had to make it happen. It wasn’t a book I really thought I needed, but come on…you can’t go to a book signing and not get the book signed. I wasn’t able to make it to the event due to prior commitments, so PTB stepped up and like I said…greatest husband ever.

In all honesty, I think he was looking forward to it. He had the book personalized for me, and while he may never look at the book, I think he wanted to go. I told him beforehand, that he and Jeff could be best friends. Within seconds of meeting him, they were both laughing it up, so I guess I was right.

Based on the pictures, they had an amazing time, but for more on the experience, check out Pete’s post on MLD.

The book is actually a show guide for all seven seasons of Food Network Star. It’s a behind the scenes look at the show’s creation, the contestants, the judges. It seems pretty interesting so far. Throughout the book there are kitchen tips, camera tips, and recipes. Look for a review in the near future. Ok…in the future…I have a baby, when do I read?! If you are that impatient, buy it now on Amazon!

The incredibly short book tour wraps up next week in Chicago, IL.

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