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::garden:: Regrowth

It’s hard to believe another week has passed. This Summer just began and it already feels like it is flying by. Maybe that’s just a lack of sleep talking though…This week I cleaned out the fridge. It was sad. What felt like tons of food wasted. While I was getting back into the swing of things cooking, I wasn’t taking the time to create my weekly menu for my shopping trip. I tried to wing it. I failed miserably. If I didn’t have a specific meal planned, I ended up asking PTB to pick up something on his way home as I was exhausted.

We had some rain this week and I am learning my lesson to pay more attention to the weather before I water the plants.

My tomato plant is getting taller! I got to see some tomato plants last weekend that came from my brother as well. I was ashamed… They were planted in the ground and are at least 5 times the size of mine. They were only about 4 inches tall when mine was already well over a foot. Ahh… potted plants. But I am getting a ton of flowers and more and more little fruits. It looks like it is going to be a nice tomato-y summer. Next summer, I’m hoping we will have a grill. Maybe I can fire-roast some of my tomatoes and learn to can? Baby steps, people…I’ve never even kept plants alive this long in the past!

The flowers on my lemon tree didn’t hold up to a storm. I can’t tell what is going to happen to them. The tree is branching out a bit. I am debating whether to trim it or not. Apparently you can treat it like a bonsai?

The herb pots are doing about the same. The basil won’t slow down, and the mint is trying to take over the world! I used quite a bit of the cilantro this week so it is looking a bit bare, but luckily it has a ton of new leaves up top. As for the tarragon…I’m wondering if I just need to start using it quicker? Or maybe picking it and freezing some?

The grape tomato plant is out of control! I’ve hd to spread everything out before it started hanging out in all my other pots. It was trying to crush my okra (no pictures, but it is growing quite nicely). Soooo many flowers on the grape tomato, and one fruit! A few little buds have appeared on the jalapeño just yesterday.

You can see all my garden updates here. If you are in the Lehigh Valley area and want some amazing plants or a farm share, contact my brother!

2011 Deck Garden Week Three
Total Spent: $200  Weekly Savings: $4

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