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::garden:: Just the Beginning

This past Fall we escaped the city to expand our family beyond just husband, wife, dog, cat. Not quite ready to take the plunge into having all the responsibility of owning a home and learning to raise a baby, we went with a townhouse with a tiny front yard that someone else is in charge of taking care of. It suits me just fine as I was never really one to want to be in the garden with my mom. But I have looked forward to having some space to grow some herbs for quite some time, and our deck was the perfect place for that.

This is officially my first adventure into “container gardening”. Thanks to my brother Mark, I was able to expand a bit beyond a basil plant. He helped get me started with a few healthy plants and took me shopping for soil, pots, and anything else I might need. If you are local to the Lehigh Valley area and have some garden space, I believe he may still have some plants left if you want to support a local farmer and know where your food is coming from. He also has some farm shares available.

And so it begins. The staple in so much of my cooking was a must have for my garden. Basil. I can’t survive without it. My hope is that in my basil purchasing alone, I should save enough to pay for all my gardening adventures.

Next I have (clockwise) cherry tomatoes, lemon thyme and mint, and parsley. I tend to use grape tomatoes more often than cherry in my cooking, but I think I can adjust to have some home grown. I bought this plant at Lowe’s and it has a few flowers so far. The thyme isn’t something I purchase quite as often as basil, but I feel like it ends up in quite a few recipes, so I thought it might be worth a try. I am sure I will use the parsley quite a bit. This was one that was never in short supply in my mom’s garden, and I am sure I will work it into even more now that I have some readily available. And…mint. I see some homemade mint chocolate chip ice cream and mojitos in my future.

I’m super excited about the next three. Our very own lemon tree! In the green pot, some okra, and in the red pot a jalapeno plant. We go through lemons like nobody’s business. I always have a pitcher of water in the fridge with lemon slices and I love to add fresh lemon juice to just about anything. I have no idea when we should have some lemons, but I am excited none-the-less. This one will come inside and be our kitchen tree in the winter and hopefully we will have it for many years to come. I’m looking forward to making some gumbo with our very own okra and salsa and guac all summer with the jalapenos!

The last plant on the deck garden is the pride and joy. It will probably be the most successful since the majority of the work was already done for me. Mark raised this tomato until it was about 18″ tall. It already had a couple flowers on it when he gave it to me, but now we already have one baby tomato and a ton of flowers! Here’s hoping I don’t kill it!

2011 Deck Garden Week One
Total Spent: $200  Weekly Savings: $5

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