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::gadget:: Bamix

I have a cheap, white plastic, $20 (if that) blender.  It seems sad when placed next to my dark grey metal 600 series Kitchen Aid, or my 14-cup capacity brushed aluminum Cuisinart.  Just sad.  It leaks from the top and bottom.  And the lid doesn’t fit quite right.  Really, it is just garbage.  But of course, if I buy an appliance, I want the right kitchen gadget.  I never really remembered my mom buying any kitchen gadgets.  The ones she had, she still has.  They lasted and she had a lot of people to feed.  So…needless to say, if I was going to buy a blender, I wanted to buy an awesome blender.  This purchase will have to wait until we have a house, where I have a nice big kitchen and lots of counter space.  Right now, I am out of cabinet space, and my mixer lives on the dryer.  Then one day I received an email from Williams Sonoma about the Bamix immersion blender!  There was a video to go along with it, and it was love at first soup.  I showed PTB, and since he knows how much I love soup, he offered to get it for me.  That day.  Like 2 hours later actually.  He is the best.

I had wanted an immersion blender for a while, and after reading so many reviews on different models, I am so happy I went with a hard wired one with a permanent shaft.  I have been reading about people who have had the same Bamix for 20-30 years.  With the cold weather, I have been a soup nut.  I have struggled with the different options of scooping to the junky blender, Cuisinart, mashing…I have tried to all.  Now I will be able to blend my Carrot Lentil soup with little effort!


In the past few weeks, I have taken every opportunity possible to use this immersion blender.  I have beat eggs for french toast, made our hot chocolate frothier, blended soups, etc.  I can’t wait to make some whipped cream with it, and potato soup, and carrot lentil Soup….I can’t wait!  Overall, it has been incredibly easy to use.  There are two speeds, but for blending it is meant to be used on the 2nd speed.  The Bamix Mono came with three attachments; a whisk, beater, and multipurpose blade.  I have used all three.  They are easy to change and easy to clean.  Make sure you clean it off right after use though to avoid anything caking on.  The blender also came with a wall-mountable bracket and a 600mL beaker (super handy for blending amounts made for two).  I wish I had a place in my kitchen the wall mount will fit.  But in the meantime, the Bamix found a cozy spot in a drawer, ready to grab at a moments notice.  And the best part, it fits perfectly in my hand, but it isn’t uncomfortably small for PTB’s hand.

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