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::eating out:: Louie’s Pizza, Rehoboth Beach, DE

While we always go to Gus & Gus for boardwalk night in Rehoboth, it usually only gets two visits the entire week. The next restaurant on the list gets visits almost daily. Louie’s gets a visit from someone on boardwalk night, is the go to for pizza night at the house, provides a 2nd dinner on those nights when the kids all go to bed early and we want to eat again, and we’ll trek 6 blocks on the hot boardwalk to carry hot pizza back to eat on the sand when we need a beach snack (once barefoot, that was not good).

In a sea of Grotta Pizzas, Louie’s is another favorite owned and operated by the original family. Despite my love of all things Starbucks, Apple, and Whole Foods, I do have a huge soft spot for small family run businesses. The same rules apply at Louie’s as they do Gus’s. You either eat in with a waitress or you order from the walk up counter. You can’t mix and match! These are small establishments, please don’t be shocked when they ask you to not haul your double-wide stroller in. If this is the situation for you…get counter service and find a bench along the boardwalk. It’s not because they don’t want to help you. It’s because you annoy the other patrons trying to squeeze by you.

There isn’t anything extraordinary about the Louie’s pizza. I think that’s why I like it so much. Not too much or too little of any ingredient. They are fast. They are friendly. The pizza is very light on the greasiness. Not cheap, but not overpriced. It is like getting a pizza from your local pizzeria instead of in the heart of a tourist location. The steak sandwiches are the same way. They only thing I might say is that they seem a little empty. But, when I am used to overfull sandwiches that you need a fork to finish, having a sandwich stay in tact is a delight, especially on the beach.

And the flavor of their chicken cheesesteaks…might be perfect.

Louies Pizza on UrbanspoonMy, how I am getting excited for our beach trip this year… Still more to come.

Louie’s is located on the main strip, Rehoboth Avenue on the North side of the block closest to the ocean. You can eat in, take out, or just grab a slice and a soda at the counter. There isn’t delivery, but I will keep hoping…

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