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::how to:: Blanch Almonds

Once upon a time, I didn’t even know what a blanched almond was. I have certainly heard the term blanch, but it just sounds gross, so I have avoided it. But then, I wanted to make something that called for blanched almonds. I like almonds, how bad could it be? So trusty Google led the way. And now I will do the same for you.

So blanching. It is essentially quickly cooking something by immersing it in boiling water, and then quickly switching it to ice water to halt the cooking process. Again, it sounds kind of gross. The main purpose of doing it for almonds is to remove the skins. Ready?

Measure out your final amount of almonds.

In a pan your almonds can be in a single layer, pour boiling water over the nuts for EXACTLY one minute.

Immediately drain hot water and run cold water over the almonds until cooled.

Now you can simply slip the almonds out of the skins. After be sure to dry the almonds as well.


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