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Not Just Take Out » ::eating out:: Bobby’s Burger Palace

::eating out:: Bobby’s Burger Palace

After hearing a ton of chatter about the new burger shop in University City, I finally had the opportunity to check it out. To give you a quick summary:

– It was worth the hype.
– It may not have been worth spending $35 for two people.
– Looking at these pictures make me want to go again.

If you want more details, read on to see some thoughts and a collection of images that might make you want to check them out too.

First, let me start with the name. I really just want to call it Bobby’s Burger Place not Bobby’s Burger Palace. I do like the design though. It’s a burger 🙂 I have never been to any of Bobby Flay‘s restaurants before, but I did know that he was the Bobby involved in this venture, so I had high expectations going in.

The menus are fairly simple. There aren’t too many choices, but they all sound so good, that I still had a hard time deciding. This is not a traditional Bobby Flay-need a reservation-fancy pants-restuarant. This is decide your order while you wait in line-place an order-get a number similar to the system of Cosi.

Decor is retro and warm. You are surrounded by huge images of burger toppings. We chose to site at the bar rather than the long group tables.

Scattered throughout the tables are carousels of sauces. Traditional ketchup and mustard, chipotle ketchup, burger sauce (like a strong A1), and a jalapeno hot sauce. I think the chipotle ketchup was my favorite. The burger sauce was a bit strong for me, and the jalapeno hot sauce was good, but didn’t go with my meal.

We started with some milkshakes, and when I saw a picture of the onion rings on their website, how could I resist ordering those?! We went with dark chocolate and pistachio milkshakes. The dark chocolate was A-MAY-ZING. The pistachio was very good, but a bit overly sweet. We both agreed that we prefer the pistachio cardamom milkshake at the boardwalk in Rehoboth Beach. For the price, the shakes are certainly small, but they are filling. They are the kind of shakes though, that I would prefer be served with the food. I have a hard time resisting a shake before the meal comes and then i end up having very little left by the time I am eating. That makes me sad 🙁

I like to think that the fries and onion rings are enough for two people. I ended up bringing more than half the onion rings home. The fries come with BBP Fry Sauce. It is similar to the sour cream/ketchup/red pepper concoction served with bloomin’ onions/awesome blossoms/whatever you want to call them. I preferred the chipotle ketchup with the fires and the rings.

Finally!  The burgers! I ordered the Philadelphia Burger, medium-well. Yes, you can order your burger however you like it. And mine was perfectly medium well. Cooked all the way through, but still juicy. Perfect. I ordered my Philadelphia Burger with Provolone (you have the choice of Wiz as well). It was also topped with grilled onions and hot peppers. The best way I could describe it, is that it tastes like that glorious smell of food carts in Philadelphia. That smell that is so delicious, but you know the food is not that good. I am not a cheeseburger fan at all, but I want to eat this again.

PTB ordered the L.A. Burger. It was topped with avocado relish, tomato, cheddar, and watercress. It was so good. The avocado relish was not super relish-y. It was more of a guacamole with a bite. The tomato was perfectly ripe. I think my big issue with tomatoes on burgers typically is that they are nasty tomatoes. This was not the case. Despite my usual distaste for tomatoes, cheeseburgers, and cheddar, I would totally order this burger.

Last, I just wanted to talk about the onion rings a little bit more. I mean look at those things. Look at the perfect sea salt on them. They were amazing! My only complaint (which isn’t a complaint at all) is that I need someone to share them with. PTB does not eat onions. I can’t finish the whole serving at BBP. I brought them home, but they were fresh made, not some freezer variety. Why is that a bad thing? Because food that is fried right and fried fresh, is meant to be consumed right away. It is not meant to be stuck in the toaster oven and reheated. They didn’t do so well the second time around.

Bobby's Burger Palace on Urbanspoon

Right now, Bobby’s Burger Palace has five locations throughout the tri-state area. The University City location in Philadelphia is at 3925 Walnut Street. Check it out and let me know what you think. Now, I have to go figure out when I can go again.

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