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::how to:: Cut a Mango

I am determined to use mango more. Since I wanted to make a salsa with mango and fennel (coming soon!), I had to figure out how to buy and cut a mango.  It was something I had never done myself. I took advantage of my iPhone and Googled how to buy a mango while I was at the store. If that’s what you came here looking for, look for one that is more of a football shape than flat.  A yellow-red color indicates a ripe mango.  It should smell sweet, but not to sweet.  Not too bad.  If it is still green, you can pick it up and let it ripen on your counter until you need it.

As for cutting it. I got home. I stared at the mango. I had no idea what to do. I had to call on the help of Google again. A mango has a flat pit in the middle. It makes it the most ridiculous fruit to cut.

Lay it on one of the flatter sides and slice the mango lengthwise along the side.

If I wanted to cube the mango (which I did for the salsa), treat it sort of like an avocado.  Cut into the mango, without slicing through the skin. You can simply flip it inside out and slice off the pieces.

Congratulations! You just sliced your first mango 🙂

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