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::recipe:: Skillet Wonder

My very first food blogging post.  Ever.  Originally posted February 24, 2008.  Just about two years later, I am reposting it to officially start Not Just Take Out.  My thoughts on the food I make, the food I want to make, the drinks I love, the restaurants I adore, and the gadgets I fill my little kitchen with.  Enjoy!

I’ve been trying to cook more and more since the new job. But sometimes I am just too tired/lazy to follow a recipe and try something new or lengthy.  Not following any recipe can result in many different things. Even though it wasn’t anything

too out of the ordinary, dinner the other night was quite the success. And I had some fun taking pictures while I prepped it since everything was nice and colorful.


You can never go wrong starting with a shallot.

0210_3937Rather than use one bell pepper for a recipe for the two of us, I like to use half a red, half a green.  Then, I end up with two colorful tasty meals!

0210_3947And really….does a bit of jalepeno ever hurt any meal? I can’t handle the seeds though…

0210_3950the end result….delicioso.

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